Invasions are one of the good ways to gather extra union timbers in order to level up the union faster. We can have two invasions for free everyday, so we better use those attempts well. Search as many times as you want until you find a decent loot and then attack. Make sure you coordinate well with your union before doing the attack, since you only have 30minutes to defeat all the enemy union's defenders. Each member of the union can only attack one spot per invasion, if we dont manage to cover all the spots, we will only get part of the loot.

Supplies available (on the top right) are the timber which your Union will get by winning with 100 % occupied 'spots'. So if you have to attack 6 enemies and you only win 5 fights you will get only half of theese points.

Characters with red name are the enemies, while the ones with green names are our allies.


Search for different enemy.




Defeat all the enemies.


Reward for defeating one of the enemies.